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P23 Optimum PGx




Our newest advanced testing kit is a chance for you to test your own DNA to see how your body is reacting to both prescription and non-prescription medications.

A fantastic way to take control of your own health, this easy saliva test will also work as a genetic test for fitness and nutrition, so you can take steps to improve your overall wellbeing!

Simply provide us with a saliva sample from the kit using the easy-to-follow instructions, and send it back to our Molecular testing lab using the + postage-paid return box that comes included with your kit.

You’ll get your results on your online portal within 72 hours. From there, you can take steps toward improving your fitness and nutrition, and we’ll be there every step of the way to assist.

Sometimes medication can interfere with our health in both desired and undesired ways, so this test finds out exactly what’s happening with your body so can identify what works for you.

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