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Microbiome Testing (Vaginal)




P23 Health is proud to introduce our Vaginal Microbiome Test, a groundbreaking health tool designed to explore the complex ecosystem of bacteria in your vaginal tract. Using an easy at-home sample collection method, this test analyses the diversity and balance of microorganisms crucial for feminine health. Our report sheds light on the relationship between your vaginal microbiome and potential health implications, including the risk of infections, pH balance, and fertility. This test, however, is not a diagnostic tool for specific diseases. Its purpose is to provide valuable insights, guiding lifestyle modifications and informing further consultations with healthcare professionals. As with all our tests, P23 Health offers support in the form of access to a health coach and recommendations for additional testing based on your results. Please consult professionals for personalized medical advice. The Vaginal Microbiome Test is another step in your journey towards informed, proactive health management.


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