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P23 Biohacker's Blueprint

Introducing the P23 Biohacker’s Blueprint new test in 2024 – the cutting-edge biohacking revolution! Unleash the power of science and technology to uncover the secrets of your body and mind.



The biohacking test approach attracts a diverse clientele, most commonly individuals who place considerable value on their health and well-being. It caters especially to those who believe in preventive, personalized healthcare and are keen on leveraging scientific insights for lifestyle optimization. These can include fitness enthusiasts looking for tailored diet and workout plans, individuals noticing irregularities in their mood, energy, or digestive health, and even those at high risk for certain genetic diseases seeking to act preemptively. Furthermore, people suffering from chronic conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, that have been unresponsive to conventional treatments might turn to these tests for a deeper understanding of their body's unique responses. Thus, biohacking tests offer a powerful tool in addressing a wide range of health-related issues, paving the way towards targeted, individual-centric health solutions.


P23 Labs provides a comprehensive suite of biohacking tests, offering invaluable insights into your genetic makeup, gut microbiome, food sensitivities, and hormone levels. With these powerful tools, you can uncover your body's unique characteristics and predilections, enabling you to create a personalized wellness strategy tailored to your specific needs. For those with genetic predispositions to certain diseases, P23's genetic tests can be a veritable game-changer, enabling proactive, preventive health measures. Their microbiome tests offer an in-depth look at your gut health, a key influencer of immunity, mood, and overall well-being. For individuals struggling with unexplained discomfort, inflammation or digestive issues, P23's food sensitivity tests can help identify dietary triggers and guide a custom nutrition plan for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Lastly, hormone tests can disclose imbalances that impact everything from mood and energy levels to metabolism and sleep patterns. Thus, P23 Labs empowers individuals to take control of their health in an informed, proactive manner, paving the way for personalized, targeted health solutions.

Why take the test

To understand and optimize your sexual health

To take informed decision about your sexual health

To protect from STI Infections

Discrete package with results available within 48 hours

Test Details

Our personalized tests reveal your genetic strengths, gut health, food sensitivities, and hormonal balance, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to optimize your health and wellbeing. With the P23 Biohacker’s Blueprint, you’ll take control of your health, unlock your full potential, and embark on an exciting biohacking journey like never before. Get ready to revolutionize your life in 2024!

Digital Results

Receive your results on your device.

Acquire valuable insights into your health through easily comprehensible test results. Additionally, we offer extra resources and useful tips to support your journey.

Access an individualized report for each tested marker, along with comprehensive details explaining the significance of your results for you.

Take proactive measures to enhance your health and overall well-being. Leverage the insights provided in your report to intelligently navigate and shape your next steps on your journey towards optimal health.

Accessing Your Test Results

  Create an account if you haven’t already. You’ll typically need to provide basic personal information and set a strong, secure password. Remember to keep your login credentials confidential for privacy and security reasons.
After logging in, navigate to the section containing your test results. This might be labeled as “Lab Results,” “Test Results,” “Medical Records,” or something similar. Some platforms use search bars or filters to help you find specific tests by date, name, or type.
Use the provided tools or filters to find the exact test you’re looking for. You might need the test date, a specific identifier number, or the name of the doctor who ordered the test. If you encounter any difficulties, contact the platform’s technical support for assistance.


P23 Labs biohacking tests are a series of health assessments that provide insights into different aspects of your body, such as gut microbiome, food sensitivities, and hormone levels. These tests are designed to help you create a personalized wellness strategy based on your body’s unique characteristics and tendencies.

By analyzing your gut health, food sensitivities, and hormone levels, P23 Labs biohacking tests can provide valuable information about your body’s overall well-being. This can help you identify potential issues and make necessary changes to improve your health, such as adjusting your diet or addressing hormonal imbalances.

No, P23 Labs biohacking tests are suitable for anyone looking to optimize their health. Even if you don’t have any current health concerns, these tests can provide valuable insights into your body’s functioning and help you proactively maintain your well-being.

The P23 Labs gut health test uses genetic testing to analyze the bacteria present in your gut. This is important because our gut microbiome has a significant impact on our overall health, including immunity, mood, and well-being. By understanding your personal gut microbiome, you can make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle.

Yes, food sensitivities can contribute to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. By identifying dietary triggers through P23 Labs food sensitivity tests, you can create a customized nutrition plan that promotes optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. This can ultimately support your weight loss goals.

P23 Labs hormone tests disclose imbalances that can impact important aspects of our well-being, such as mood, energy, metabolism, and sleep patterns. By understanding these imbalances, you can work with a healthcare professional to address them and improve your overall health and quality of life. Overall, P23 Labs biohacking tests offer a comprehensive approach to improving your health and well-being through personalized insights and strategies.

The whole process was seamless and timely! Very convenient and they were quick to respond to any question I had. Highly recommend them!


P23 went above and beyond for me to ensure I got my results before my flight. It saved me a lot of time and stress, and now I get to enjoy the UK!

Erika K

I had a AWESOME experience with P23 Labs!!. I like the fact the tests are saliva because it makes it much easier to test a 6 year old. Will definitely keep ordering

Brandi Cousin

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