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Nail Fungus Testing

Don’t dismiss any abnormalities when it comes to your nails. Discoloration, thickening, or separation from the nail bed could indicate onychomycosis or a fungal infection.


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A consumer may be experiencing uncomfortable and distressing gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, or stomach pain that are affecting their quality of life. They may also have concerns about abnormalities in their nails that could indicate a fungal infection or systemic disease. Both these medical issues not only cause physical discomfort but can also lead to feelings of embarrassment or anxiety, especially if the symptoms are persistent or severe. Moreover, traditional diagnostic measures typically involve inconvenient and time-consuming doctor visits, adding to the stress of their situation.


P23 Health offers a comprehensive solution to these issues by providing convenient and accessible diagnostic testing options, along with client services and health coaches to support you throughout your journey. With P23 Health, consumers can easily and quickly get tested for gastrointestinal issues and nail abnormalities from the comfort of their own homes. This eliminates the need for inconvenient doctor visits and reduces the stress associated with traditional diagnostic measures. Furthermore, P23 Health provides support tools to assist you in addressing your health concerns promptly and effectively. Our aim is to improve your overall experience by offering efficient and accurate testing solutions, along with the necessary guidance and support to ensure your well-being.

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Why take the test

To understand and optimize your health

To take informed decision about your Nail Health

To protect from Nail Infections

Discrete package with results available within 48 hours

Test Details

While it may seem like a simple cosmetic issue, it can cause social and emotional discomfort, as well as pain. It’s important to get tested as there is a risk of permanent nail damage and spreading the infection to others. In rare cases, it may be a sign of a systemic disease. However, there’s no need to worry. With a convenient at-home test, you can receive an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. We will provide you with a sterile cup, along with alcohol prep pads and easy-to-follow instructions to simplify the process. Once you have collected your nail clippings, simply return the samples to our P23 molecular diagnostics lab in the discreet postage-paid return box we provide. Your results will be available on your personalized online portal within 72 hours.

Digital Results

Receive your results on your device.

Acquire valuable insights into your health through easily comprehensible test results. Additionally, we offer extra resources and useful tips to support your journey.

Access an individualized report for each tested marker, along with comprehensive details explaining the significance of your results for you.

Take proactive measures to enhance your health and overall well-being. Leverage the insights provided in your report to intelligently navigate and shape your next steps on your journey towards optimal health.

Accessing Your Test Results


Create an account if you haven’t already. You’ll typically need to provide basic personal information and set a strong, secure password. Remember to keep your login credentials confidential for privacy and security reasons.

Use the provided tools or filters to find the exact test you’re looking for. You might need the test date, a specific identifier number, or the name of the doctor who ordered the test. If you encounter any difficulties, contact the platform’s technical support for assistance.
After logging in, navigate to the section containing your test results. This might be labeled as “Lab Results,” “Test Results,” “Medical Records,” or something similar. Some platforms use search bars or filters to help you find specific tests by date, name, or type.


 Common signs include nail discoloration, thickening, and separation from the nail bed.

It’s important to get tested because untreated infections can cause permanent nail damage and may spread to others. In rare cases, it may also be a sign of a systemic disease.

We provide a convenient at-home test kit that includes a sterile cup, alcohol prep pads, and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply collect your nail clippings and return the samples to our P23 molecular diagnostics lab in the postage-paid return box provided. Your results will be available on your personalized online portal within 72 hours.

The whole process was seamless and timely! Very convenient and they were quick to respond to any question I had. Highly recommend them!


P23 went above and beyond for me to ensure I got my results before my flight. It saved me a lot of time and stress, and now I get to enjoy the UK!

Erika K

I had a AWESOME experience with P23 Labs!!. I like the fact the tests are saliva because it makes it much easier to test a 6 year old. Will definitely keep ordering

Brandi Cousin

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